The little things I find on the Internet


I was recently called fat by someone who attempted insulting me. I did not feel insulted at all. I am fat and have gone trough a long hard way to accept and love myself just the way I am; and recognize there’s nothing wrong with being fat. I have known this for years by now.

Nonetheless I felt very unease after he called me fat, and I just realize it was because I still cannot believe someone would try to insult another person by calling her fat. I just can’t believe it. It’s preposterous that somebody believes another human being is less because or her weigth.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that someone can’t feel affected by this word. This is why I just can’t conceive people care so little about other’s feelings; that they don’t think in the consecuences before opening their mouths.

I might be fat, but you calling me FAT to try to put me down… that’s the real tragedy about all of this.



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