The ultimate mid-screwing by a Hannibal episode

Don’t get me wrong, Hannibal episodes have left me mindblowed before, but this last episode, number 2 in the second season, makes me feel like my brain lid has been opened and somebody picked the flesh with a stick repeatedly, finally leaving my brain unprotected from the elements and bugs.

This particular episode has left me with deep questioning, and a intriguing concern of the characters’ real intentions and feelings. I mean, Sakizuki was gorgeous, as usual, funny but specially disturbing.

Let me tell you why:

1) I know Will is really hurt by what of who-he-used-to-consider-a-friend did to him. I get it, so why did he asked for Hannibal’s help perfectly knowing he was the one who threw him into that hole of crazyness on purpose? I have no idea what heppened there… (Will, what. is. your. game.)

2) I don’t know what Bedelia knows, but is pretty obvious she does knows something or is very suspicious of Hannibal, so… why the hell she has to go to the doctors office just to tell him she would no longer be her psichyatrist? She knew she was in great danger… So WHY. Like, she’s so freaking lucky he didn’t eat her right there.

3) If she believes Will, why going to the nut jail and wishper “I believe you” to Will for no reason (it was pretty clear to her she wasn’t going to help him)? She just left him very disturbed… What kind of woman is she not wanting to help an innocent man and just running away for her own safety? She could have the FBI protection after all… or at least could have left a clear clue to Crawford.

What an ice queen

4) Beverly’s Will’s friend, so why is she so afraid of getting close to him? For real, girl… I don’t get it…

5) Hey, Jack: if you feel so guilty why don’t you get your ass up and help Will? I can’t even with you…

6) Really? The FBI made him a serial killer… really?

Alana and Bedelia’s hair were brushed the same way; what does that means? I am getting psicotic?

7) I know I’m not a psicollogy expert, but I just can’t handle this psycopath serial killer being so obsessed with a person that makes him so confused with his actions and feelings. I mean, is like “I love you so much, but fuck you…” I just can’t…

Stop this “we’re friends” bullshit right this instant!

8) And the “Mural of bodies guy”: You are a fucking serial killer and you just trusted some strange man in a plastic suit to kill you and sew you up into your bed of corpses, why everybody is so ok with that?

9) Is it me or Will is acting a litle crazy?10) I don’t even get this little cage.

You know what gets me? That all the characters seems to be crystal clear of what are they always doing and feeling and saying… but in this side of the screen I’m like “WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK”

By the other hand, there were some other very enjoyable moments:

1) I totally support Hannibal having the best lines ever.

2) I cant believe he said that. (Fannibals live style in one scene)

3) Oh you know, I’m here, he’s here, he’s gonna die… he won’t mind I just take his leg, I’m so hungry.

4) OMG she got away… I’m so releaved.

BTW we know she left that perfume bottle for him


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